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Trump's new abortion rule is an effort to silence women and their doctors while no one is looking

by Brigid McCarthy

i wonder how powerful he feels;
the king
gold-adorned, ivory toothed
and finishing.
taking all and giving none,
a crimson, copper smell

why do you care for unborn children
over dead children,
their blood that stains carpets on
elementary school floors,
their blood drawn by
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Trump is a bad president. What can we do about it?

by Aspen Rosman 

If words are useless,
Then how come yours are starting something

I'm sorry sir
But we must recognize
That even though you're in disguise
As "just one of those guys"
You are still the one who lies
About who lives, who cries, and d… Read more

Young Blood Company stops unproven anti-aging treatments after FDA warning

by Jacynth Apora

there are maple tree autumn leaves
inside your wife's coffin
she hated flowers,
because when they withered
they look like they didn't live a life at all.
maple tree leaves have
tire makes, raindrops, footprints,
and defined wrinkles
your wife said,
"That's What Mak… Read more


by Tess Rempel

Since i'm a girl
With a smiling face And a tiny waist, That means i have Nothing important to say-
My body speaks for itself.
Hips say touch me Lips say meet me, Thighs say grab me Eyes ask if you want me.
Men are happy with
That dialogue, they don't want to hear my Pl… Read more

NASA's last transmission to the Opportunity rover is "I'll Be Seeing You" by Billie Holiday

by Erin Carr

I'll be seeing you,
It's colder than I remember.
Was it always this cold?
I open my eyes, and it aches.
(Can I ache?)

In all the old familiar places.
This is the only place I've ever known.
Only friend, if a rock in space can be your friend.
But every time I open my eyes, it&… Read more

"Death" of Opportunity rover sparks mourning around the world, social media

by Dani McLaughlin

Humans leave remnants wherever they go.
Who knew there were so many forms of neglect?
It seems the reach of humans has no end.

Somewhere, in a barren red rocky terrain,
On a planet not yet grazed by the shoes of humanity,
Lays opportunity; a corpse of a machine under a trillion t… Read more


by Tess Rempel

Since i'm a girl
With a smiling face And a tiny waist, That means i have Nothing important to say-
My body speaks for itself
Hips say touch me Lips say meet me, Thighs say grab me Eyes ask if you want me.
Men are happy with
That dialogue, they don't want to hear my Pleading m… Read more

Our Bodies Are Identity Thieves

by Charlotte Frick

Everytime new cells are made
Everything that makes up
Who you are,
Are copied.
This is called meiosis.

When meiosis becomes
New cells are made
Faster than old cells die,
This is called cancer.

Our bodies leak information about us.
Age, height, weight,
Hair co… Read more

we missed the train; i'm trying to text my mom

by Brigid McCarthy

my best friend has her head down.
her forehead is kissing her kneecaps
and i can taste exasperation
(elusive and bitter)

reality is broken here;
defined only by the absence of any gods and any clocks
and the presence of bitter whistles.

as i debate on counting my minutes
i pictur… Read more

playing tag with the dead

by Brigid McCarthy

i was a fairy! once!
i promise.  dust in my blood, cells clotting
in sparkles and
bones groaning like
ancient clayworks
coming to life.
i would dance on the monkey bars ob-
livious to
the spirits of Lutheran love spotting my back
feeling vaguely like
my grandfather's strong h… Read more

Synesthete Soliloquy

by Aspen Rosman

My fingertips chip as you hold my hand.
Each black chip digs into the rug below
As i keep wondering if this was planned.
Did you want me to bask in the afterglow?

Your blue and grey clouds have clogged up my throat
And i don't think you'd know how much it stung
Because on yo… Read more


by Marissa Ho

The way your eyes shimmer Like gold flakes of pyrite in its dirt exterior Makes me feel like I've been shot in the chest  With arrows from heaven that cause Bright purple butterflies that wake from their cocoons And flutter around my stomach
Crazy how the smallest things  Are th… Read more

A Series of Serious Haikus

by Cassie Soldo

Deadlines come slowly
But hit as hard as a rock

Completely stressed out
Can't focus with my worries
Drowning in my work

I want to relax
To be calm and live my life
It's too much to ask

Pressure pushing down
A boulder crushing my soul
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i want to love myself but i can't right now

by Tess Rempel

i want to love myself but i can't right now
it's hard to know yourself when you don't know how
to define yourself outside of others' definition of you
sure, it's easy to self love for a night or two
but when you get to look in the mirror you see more flaws than yo… Read more


by Lauren DeFelice

coins in sofa cushions
stray volleyball
old film negatives
scraps of watercolor paper and board
pet rock, dated 20012, with googly eyes glued on
pictures of Heather as a puppy
              (she's gone.)
glass ornaments
faux fur
hands smudged with charcoal
ramen for lunch on … Read more

Single Note Melodies

by Erin Carr

This song is the saddest.
A man panhandling down the frigid streets of New York,
Only the jacket on his back
And the worn sneakers on his feet for protection.
Choruses of disgusted glares,
Children confused as to why their mother is so angry,
Why daddy isn't ever there when they go … Read more

A Likeness of Without

by Hannah Arbeitel

A sensation of panic overtakes before I can catch a breath,
I am running out of air before I've even begun to find it.
I am drowning in the feeling of dread found at the leisure of your footsteps
And as the arch of your heel scrapes the ground,
I hear the blood rush to my ear… Read more

A Loss of Words

by Hannah Arbeitel

The sensation can be compared to a prickle on the skin,
A sinister raise of a hair,
A foreboding blank page.
The emptiness stares back and swallows,
Gulping at the sight of an uninspired mind.
If i am at a loss to express words and emotions,
It is because I am incapable or I choo… Read more

teach daughters (Blackout)

by Muirenn Medrow

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Forced Feelings (Blackout)

by Cassie Soldo

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