If you're a Communications High School student, we'd love to read your work! We're looking for poetry, fiction, art, photography, and outside the box submissions - we'll consider everything from scripts to graphic novels.

Before you submit, just remember these quick tips:
  • We can't print or post profanity.
  • Please avoid excessive gore.
  • Although we don't have an exact word limit, remember that it is more difficult to print and post very long pieces. Consider submitting those to web instead of print. 
If you'd like to submit, ask or email a head editor for the google classroom code. Then put your piece in as a editable google document with your last name and the title. 

Ex: Lilly Angst's poem titled Biology would be Angst_Biology

After you submit, content editors will read over your work and contact you with edits and suggestions. We hope to see you in print!