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(Un)Fortunate Meetings

by Sam DeCuicies

The darkness of night had subsided and he could see the sun rising over the horizon. The road before him seemed to go on forever, a mountain in the distance looming over the small town he was approaching. Ansel tried again to fiddle with the radio, but he couldn't find a signal for any station. He sighed, forced to keep driving in silence. He spotted a gas station coming up along the road, and with a glance at the car's tank, Ansel figured he could use a stop. He pulled in next to one of the pumps, taking the keys out of the ignition and exiting the car. A man with a cowboy hat and a toothpick hanging out of his mouth nodded to him, and Ansel nodded back.

After hooking the car up to the pump, he opened up the trunk. Several duffel bags were currently hidden there, and Ansel glanced around to make sure no one was looking his way before unzipping one and retrieving away of twenty dollar bills. He placed them in the pocket of his jeans to take with him into the sm…

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Paper Gold for Paper People

by Dani McLaughlin

You can watch your scattered dreams
Flutter out of your reach.
Like the crippled butterflies they are,
They sing,
They scream.

Relief is what you seek;
A golden cup with a golden cure,
And an equally golden price.

Why do we base our lives in gold?
Cheap paper for cheap goods,
Che… Read more

(From) Dust

by Erin Carr

We are hurtling through the endless nothing at
67,000 miles per hour.

A speed incomprehensible,
A distance not yet travelled,
(in relativity, of course)
Is being accomplished with every blink of an eye.

Of course, there must be something to say for that.
What is it, though?
We … Read more

Untitled Apora

by Jacynth Apora 

“...but up here it cannoned from rock to rock, divided, met in shocks of sound which rose in smooth columns (that music should be visible was a discovery)...(That’s an old man playing a penny whistle by the public-house, he muttered)...The music stopped. He has his penny, he reason… Read more


by Maile Gaines 

Against a lake,
Under a forget-me-not sky,
Sits a table,
A decidedly small table,
Covered edge to edge and a bit more,
In a cold cloth,
Never to be bothered cloth,
Cloth that was weighed down,
By the flowers,
In their delicate,
Blue porcelain,
Surrounded with glasses,
Clutchi… Read more

An Evening at the Table

by Hannah Arbeitel

The moonlight pierced the table just enough so that the glasses atop would glisten with an ethereal sheen. The iron fence surrounded the graveyard only a few steps away, almost as though it kept what lurked caged in from the mortal realm. The bodies that rest under the dirt six f… Read more

choking on smooth air (and that is the end)

by Steven Ostrom 

sitting on the bank of the river, my feet hover above the water just enough so that they never touch. Once something fish, stick, frog, trash disturbs the flow of the water, disturbs the length between the two, it collects with a chill, and with it i recollect and redesign and rei… Read more

Upper Class

by Dani McLaughlin

The bourgeois escorted by their corsaged courtiers,
Flowered shackles binding, signed into servitude.
Tapping wine glasses and tapping fingernails,
Perfectly manicured daggers nested in their backs.
Thorny crowns encircling intricate hairstyles,
Jewels like cracked eggs scattered… Read more


by Melody Lin

to be thrust into nature is a gift
not to be wasted.

the absurdity of bringing human objects into the wild,
and the mutilation of nature for the sake of human eyes
is something that can’t be forgiven.
to be blind to one’s surroundings,
and continue to simulate it through farcic… Read more

Untitled Kopec

by Anne Kopec 

“C’mon, it’s going to be fun.”

I slowly backed away from the overgrown wood in front of me, even though my friends were backing into it, grinning. The forest seemed a little too dark and creepy for anyone to enter. In fact, I was sure I could hear whispers of voices, calling out my n… Read more

Tsunami of Consciousness

by Jacynth Apora

My boat is too big and too loud for this lake. The oil would be such an unnecessary contamination.

So I don't sail. I swim in a white linen dress satisfied with the fact that the sun won't dry me because the heat has withered away. Then I set up the table. There are empty p… Read more

The Slightest Inconvenience

by Jacynth Apora

You gave me a small silver music box and I dropped it on my foot. The two tiny bruises - blue, covered in an imprint of faint red like a blush because I won't stop icing it with just my cold thumbs - remind me of your eyes; especially when you don't sleep so your hands warm… Read more