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Untitled Jillian Tracy

by Jillian Tracy

We warmed worms who were
weeny, wet, and withering
Wishing worms were well Read more

Untitled Jeff Busold

by Jeffrey Busold

The flames crackled as I tossed another log into the fireplace, comforted by its warmth in the midst of a freezing snowstorm.  Wondering if the temperature outside had been improved, I cracked open the window and was met with an icy breeze.  Shutting the window, I sat down on a co… Read more

just friends. what else.

by Brigid McCarthy

The warmth spoke to me like a mistake;
agAIN i am reminded of the impermanence of moons and emotions
like Her; transient.  temperamental.  everything i want to wish away.
breezy romance is the kind i crave
but diamond dust is all i have.
as much as my lungs ache
the spark… Read more

Untitled Ravenna Gemignani

by Ravenna Gemignani

It was a cozy night.  Giovani was sitting in his room on his sofa, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying the warmth.  There was a blizzard going on outside.  Winds roared.  There was no gentle breeze.  Giovani wanted to go outside desperately and build a snowman.  But unfortunately… Read more

Untitled Anabell Mazzan

by Anabell Mazzan

The sky is dark and snowy, the cold wind bites at my nose.  She pulls me close, her oversized coat and my love for her equally engulfing me.  She is the embodiment of warmth.  A frigid wind picks up, carrying the snow out on to the frozen lake.
We walk over it, the ice cracking un… Read more

A Lack of Warmth

by Erin Carr

As my feet touch the sand of the local beach on the first day of July, I feel anything but warmth.  I mean, if you can even call it a beach.  On the coast of Iceland, jagged stones cover the ground, sand finding its way through the crevices.  God, I never thought I'd say it, but I … Read more


by Charlotte Frick

Today someone asked me,
"What time is it?

That one smile question got me thinking,
Why does the clock matter?
It dictates when we're supposed to
Eat, sleep,
Go to practice or class,
Relax, and stress,
And everything in between.

What would happen if we didn't have c… Read more