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(Un)Fortunate Meetings

by Sam DeCuicies

     The darkness of night had subsided and he could see the sun rising over the horizon. The road before him seemed to go on forever, a mountain in the distance looming over the small town he was approaching. Ansel tried again to fiddle with the radio, but he couldn't find a signal for any station. He sighed, forced to keep driving in silence. He spotted a gas station coming up along the road, and with a glance at the car's tank, Ansel figured he could use a stop. He pulled in next to one of the pumps, taking the keys out of the ignition and exiting the car. A man with a cowboy hat and a toothpick hanging out of his mouth nodded to him, and Ansel nodded back.
     After hooking the car up to the pump, he opened up the trunk. Several duffel bags were currently hidden there, and Ansel glanced around to make sure no one was looking his way before unzipping one and retrieving away of twenty dollar bills. He placed them in the pocket of his jeans to take with him …

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by Michael LaRocca
Here one sits. Thoughts race through their mind. There is a desire to create; the fingers begin to move. Sounds, sights, tastes form into what one can believe is valuable, or not. They are released- those senses- into the world. Praised or criticized, they are never enough. One c… Read more


by Sam DeCuicies

     He had traveled the world and seen vast valleys and massive mountains, but nothing could ever compare to her beauty. She was a diamond shining amidst the dark and smoke-filled room. The pearls around her neck reflected any light that hit them. Her skin had been kissed by the s… Read more

Deadly Serenity

by Ella Lukowiak

     Sweat drips down my back, staining my one clean shirt. My feet slap against cold pavement as I feel the air grow thick with moisture. Dark clouds dominate the horizon with an echo of orange smeared in the background as the only remains of tonight's twilight. My knees grow … Read more

The Stifling Protector

by Melody Lin

It incubates in the cracks and crevices,
making itself at home.

Unwarranted and unwanted.

No one can stop it,
except the host.

But that's rare.

It starts as a seed, if not smaller.
Just an inkling of its approach can set it into calamitous motion
in a plane with negligible frictio… Read more

Great Orange Tips

by Jacynth Apora

The air is pastel cyan and bitter
like a stranger in the spring.
Metamorphosing -
You are an invertebrate
a thick skull is your exoskeleton
impenetrable elegance
no backbone
hollow cowardice
a white fuzzy halo,
rose gold wings of a dragonfly,
mouth of a mosquito, the buzz of a sire… Read more


by Anne Kopec

Rain patters down
As I sit, quietly,
On the floor,
Watching the television
Admiring the actors
And actresses
And listening
To the soft knocking
On the closet door.

I turn off the TV
But it's
Like it was
Never there.
Not at all.
I sit
For the knockin… Read more

Introspective Simplicity

by Jacynth Apora

Sometimes I'm a coward
Sometimes I'm a quitter
Sometimes I'm both
Sometimes I'm just one
or the other

Sometimes I'm a loser
Sometimes I'm a dreamer
Sometimes I'm both
Sometimes I'm just one
or the other

Sometimes I'm a hoarder
Sometimes I'm a… Read more


by Mike LaRocca

The dark smoke settles.  I arise from the ashes.  Ready, at long last. Read more

never fit

by Melody Lin

the perspiration that plagues my hands is the only thing that grounds me.
they gaze at me, but not at me.
no one ever does, and that's what haunts my being,
at all hours of the day.

confined to solitude.

I revel in the prospect, despite the innate fear I cannot con… Read more

White Chalk

by Jacynth Apora

Bring me the color that makes a hue lighter Bring me the color that brings luck to a July born Cancer Bring me, a suppliant, this color, my seagulls and sailor.
Bystander angels who witnessed how I sang to make melody out of insanity Gave out flowers to saviors who did not deserve … Read more