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Deadly Serenity

by Ella Lukowiak      Sweat drips down my back, staining my one clean shirt. My feet slap against cold pavement as I feel the air grow thick with moisture. Dark clouds dominate the horizon with an echo of orange smeared in the background as the only remains of tonight's twilight. My knees grow weak as my lungs sear my chest in agony. I see the porchlight come into view as the first drop lands on my sleeve. Several more fall as the sky opens its congestion upon us. I feel my hair beginning to frizz, and race to the comfort of the canopy above the door leading into the place I call home.      I take my sneakers off outside, careful to squeeze out all of the water. Our home is small: two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living room which consists of a sofa, a television, and a makeshift kitchen in the corner. My mother is a "chef on the rise", or so she calls herself.      I enter the house to the smell of meatballs and tomato sauce mixed with sweat. My little sister Krissy

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cedarwood and spiced plum

by Jill Tracy

today i missed the way your laundry smells
and when i dug up your high school sweatshirt
thorns sprung from the inside and ridiculed me

little arrows aimed at freckles on my skin
yet i wanted to recreate what it felt to be held
so desperately that i let my blood soak into the polyeste… Read more

Postcards in a Daze

by aj r.

i can pretend the city traffic is crashing waves.
I can pretend your heartbeat is each car horn
loud and insufferable,
but so unmistakably yours. Read more

Untitled Lin

by Melody Lin

swift and smooth,
it cuts deep and with precision.
flesh and nerve endings give way,
the body changing,
altering its shape to allow
the intrusion to burrow,
as deep as it will go.

ice cold for some,
and truly excruciating for all.

gliding across,
the worki… Read more

The Odyssey of a Breakup: A Collection of Poetry

by Michael LaRocca

January She shot me. A feeling like no other. I told her to keep the bullet in. It helps me remember she meant it. But she took it away, leaving nothing to fill the empty. And here I am, a fool with a wound.
Inconsistency Love is amazing. It must be maintained. Without consistency, … Read more


by Charlotte Frick

Why, Lord Eros, have you not struck me with an arrow?
Have my sacrifices left at your temple not pleased you?
Has your mother, Aphrodite, forsaken me?
Has she fated me to fall for a fool?
Or am I the fool to thing she has fated me to fall at all?

I am but a supplicant at the alte… Read more

All Is Unfair in Love and War

by Jacynth Apora

Feathers of birds do nothing
when their eyes cannot see
that the person in the bell jar
cannot save them
if their heartbeat is as loud and as final
as the thud on the glass
Fletching of an arrow
immortal, inanimate
Makes the wind drag
Bell jar becomes a quiver
arrowheads f… Read more

fractured growth

by Brigid McCarthy

the covers breathed fire, that night, the one where my eyes didn’t close at all;
maybe sleep, an unwelcome friend, was hiding in the bathroom.
painted pink toes against dirty tile, i
in front of the looking glass as a purple thing stared back.
i spat at her feet in di… Read more

I’m Positively Presentable

by Melody Lin

They say the more put together you are,
The smoother the jacket,
The straighter the tie,
The more they’ll want you.

Looking in the mirror,
Seeing how that smile fits you,
Then frowning to see what truth looks like,
Is a routine you remember well...

Before walking through that door
Con… Read more


by Michael LaRocca

“Settle for nothing less than perfection,” my father always said. I listened. Every single day, working for his standards, and not my own. To the point of living a lie. I was anything but what he wanted. Darkness cast upon me. What he saw as the blooming flowers of success, I s… Read more

April Showers

by Charlotte Frick

The rain falls like tears
from the eyes of a person
whose head has been clouded
with emotions for
too long.

One little drop
broke the dam
and now everything is

Hot salty tears
roll down their face
washing away all of
their armor.

The armor that has kept them
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