Young Blood Company stops unproven anti-aging treatments after FDA warning

by Jacynth Apora

there are maple tree autumn leaves
inside your wife's coffin
she hated flowers,
because when they withered
they look like they didn't live a life at all.
maple tree leaves have
tire makes, raindrops, footprints,
and defined wrinkles
your wife said,
"That's What Makes Old Age Beautiful."

the say she died
you declared war on age and time

your grandchildren
quietly destroyed the floral garden
to honor her

but you?

you considered
spending twelve thousand dollars
on two plasma liters
so you wouldn't have to face someone in the mirror
someone who didn't get to count
all the tire marks, raindrops, footprints, and wrinkles
with the love of his life

but did you read the news today?

she would peek over your shoulder like a bunny to read with you
(that's just one of the many, many idiosyncrasies of her.
it's had to swallow when you remember the little things)
and she'd shake her head,
"Flowers are Stubborn.
Clutching The Colors As They Wilt,
Forgetting What Their Real Youth Was.
Pretending They Haven't Lost Anything,
Denying They've Grown.
But Not Me, Look At How I've Aged
The Dues I Paid, The Happiness I Gained."

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written by one individual as part of a "Poets Reading the News" workshop, where writers were asked to respond emotionally and creatively to current events and articles.  It does not reflect the views of Lit Mag or CHS as a whole.