Trump's new abortion rule is an effort to silence women and their doctors while no one is looking

by Brigid McCarthy

i wonder how powerful he feels;
the king
gold-adorned, ivory toothed
and finishing.
taking all and giving none,
a crimson, copper smell

why do you care for unborn children
over dead children,
their blood that stains carpets on
elementary school floors,
their blood drawn by
the weapons you ake love to
as long as you take our shields away-

more often than not,
this womb houses clothes-hangers
more comfortably than children,
those hangers
that drape women
in death

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written by one individual as part of a "Poets Reading the News" workshop, where writers were asked to respond emotionally and creatively to current events and articles.  It does not reflect the views of Lit Mag or CHS as a whole.