Our Bodies Are Identity Thieves

by Charlotte Frick

Everytime new cells are made
Everything that makes up
Who you are,
Are copied.
This is called meiosis.

When meiosis becomes
New cells are made
Faster than old cells die,
This is called cancer.

Our bodies leak information about us.
Age, height, weight,
Hair color, eye color
Where we came from.
All used against us.

We try to stop the Leak with
Chemo, drugs,
This is called treatment.

When the
Chemo, drugs, and therapy
Stop working
And cells
Multiply too quickly,
Cancer takes over our bodies;
Organs shut down,
Heart stops beating.
This is called death.

A few small genes
Multiplied too fast.
Other cells got information
That should never have been
But it was.
Our own bodies betray us.
Who would have thought they could do that?