NASA's last transmission to the Opportunity rover is "I'll Be Seeing You" by Billie Holiday

by Erin Carr

I'll be seeing you,
It's colder than I remember.
Was it always this cold?
I open my eyes, and it aches.
(Can I ache?)

In all the old familiar places.
This is the only place I've ever known.
Only friend, if a rock in space can be your friend.
But every time I open my eyes, it's colder, emptier, than the day before.

That this heart of mine embraces, all day through.
Inside the crevices of my hardware, is love concealed?
I love what I do, I suppose.
I feel something like love, for each and every creature I do this for.
Something like love is what allowed me to do this, for fifteen years.

I'll find you in the morning sun,
Sunbeams leak over the horizon and my eyes immediately shut, averse to brightness.
Day has begun at last!
When I open my eyes again though,
The dark has begin to suffocate the planet.
The sun further away than it ever has been,
It dawns on me that it's too late.

And when the night is new
I think I understand what's happening now
I feel....
(Can I feel?)
An impossibility of feelings, in an instant.
Despite myself, I find the dim sunrise oddly breathtaking.
It is the final puzzle piece in this life, and I am glad that I saved it for last.

I'll be looking at the moon,
My vision is blurring but I still know where the moons should be.
Phobos and Deimos.
Fear and dread.
It's only fitting, of course, that in my last moments,
Fear and dread fade behind me.
They are still here,
But they are not what is important now.

But I'll be seeing you.
What is important
Is 33.9 miles away, are temporary objects.
Respect each other,
Cherish each other,
And love each other,
(Sure. Why not?)
Love each other, as I would love you.

My battery is low and it's getting dark.

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written by one individual as part of a "Poets Reading the News" workshop, where writers were asked to respond emotionally and creatively to current events and articles.  It does not reflect the views of Lit Mag or CHS as a whole.