by Tess Rempel

Since i'm a girl

With a smiling face
And a tiny waist,
That means
i have Nothing important to say-

My body speaks for itself.

Hips say touch me
Lips say meet me,
Thighs say grab me
Eyes ask if you want me.

Men are happy with

That dialogue, they don't want to hear my
Pleading monologue, they
Don't want to wipe away our tears
They just want memories to disappear-

Kavanaugh, Lauer, Weinstein & Spacey

Powerful men imagine you racy
don't care if you're an elder or baby,
Sexual assault and abuse doesn't care for its victims
When it comes to sex all law are unrestricted
I'm pleading, please don't become a statistic.

From your story and mine and every woman's today

I tell myself, I beg, don't let your body be child's play
Assault is assault, whether it was faced in a party or a subway
I know that I haven't paid my debt
Can't tell the story yet-

Every boy and man feels like a threat.

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written by one individual as part of a "Poets Reading the News" workshop, where writers were asked to respond emotionally and creatively to current events and articles.  It does not reflect the views of Lit Mag or CHS as a whole.