by Lauren DeFelice

coins in sofa cushions
stray volleyball
old film negatives
scraps of watercolor paper and board
pet rock, dated 20012, with googly eyes glued on
pictures of Heather as a puppy
              (she's gone.)
glass ornaments
faux fur
hands smudged with charcoal
ramen for lunch on the last best sofa
fish tank in a car, fish included
              every bump sloshes water and makes me wince
old shoes worn once or twice
a letter of apology from 2016
              love, mom
an envelope with pom-poms from rebecca
              welcome t junior council
computer fans caked in so much dust not even a vacuum will clean it
a sofa in the middle of the street
burn the math binder
shred the IDs
toss college pamphlets
order $50 of manga with $50 of gift cards
              contemplate making comics
new movies and old shows
empty rooms
dinner on the floor
              eggplant parm
can't find a strainer, orange juice, and salsa
              bad combinations
broken drawers
bumped heads
drive there
aches and pains
finish projects
$20 of magic cards
new years on the couch with fresh baked cookies
              i can't remember the last time the five of us all sat down
burritos for five, all homemade