"Death" of Opportunity rover sparks mourning around the world, social media

by Dani McLaughlin

Humans leave remnants wherever they go.
Who knew there were so many forms of neglect?
It seems the reach of humans has no end.

Somewhere, in a barren red rocky terrain,
On a planet not yet grazed by the shoes of humanity,
Lays opportunity; a corpse of a machine under a trillion twinkling stars.

Designed by the hands of humans,
Molded by their ambition,
Given life by their hopes and dreams,
Ended by their omission.

Don't shoot the messenger, they say,
But it seems that the messenger was shot by the bullet of time.
15 years of exploration halted in its tracks.

The vessel may be buried,
But the idea lives on.
The search for knowledge forever in their hearts,
Fond memories to call upon.

Perhaps there will be another to follow its tracks,
Continuing the legacy already set
Seizing the opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: This piece was written by one individual as part of a "Poets Reading the News" workshop, where writers were asked to respond emotionally and creatively to current events and articles.  It does not reflect the views of Lit Mag or CHS as a whole.